The installation of Heat Pump Systems is now being funded by SEAI under the Better Energy Homes programme. One of the requirements for a dwelling to qualify for a grant for Heat Pump Systems is that the energy performance of the dwelling fabric is suitable for Heat Pump System installation. If the dwelling heat loss is too high, the dwelling will not qualify for a Better Energy Homes Heat Pump System role1

To make this possible, an independent Technical Advisor, who is registered with SEAI, is engaged by the homeowner as part of the application process. The Technical Advisor guides the homeowner on the energy performance of the dwelling, particularly on the suitability of the dwelling for a heat pump system based on the dwelling’s heat loss. They also provide the homeowner with independent guidance on measures necessary to ensure that the dwelling fabric heat loss is lowered to an acceptable level for a heat pump system to perform effectively and efficiently. Navitus were among the first to be in a position to offer the service of Technical Advisor to their clients.

Levels of grant funding available:



Air toWater Heat Pump


Ground to Water Heat Pump (Horizontal)


Ground to Water Heat Pump (Vertical)


Exhaust Air to Water Heat Pump


Water to Water Heat Pump


Air to Air Heat Pump


tech role2


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